667Shotwell is a project space in the home of Chris Sollars for artists to do experimental work, started in 2001 during the wake of disappearing San Francisco art-spaces. Projects is an ongoing series of exhibitions in which artists execute installations and actions in the 667 Shotwell house. In 2007 667 Shotwell was awarded an Alternative Exposure Grant from SOEX.
Gallery hours upon request: For more info contact: Director/ Curator: Chris Sollars p. 415-821-1295

Positive Tax

An Abridged Visual Mapping of A Place of My Own within the Context of 667 Shotwell
Kelly Lynn Jones
November 2 - December 8, 2012

Chris Sollars invited Jones to come into his and Alison Pebworth's home/studios/ art space to survey their personal world and history through their things. Jones looks into the reciprocity of object and person that occupy the home and what relationship can evolve with ones' collection. Jones creates a connection with them through re-making selected objects and installs them throughout their personal space.

Positive Tax

December 3, 2011

A forum of proposals for ideas, works, and tactics for what is NEXT. Based on recent events and occupations of public space nationally, 667 Shotwell is announcing a call for proposals by Artists to contribute to a book of artworks, ideas, and tactics for actively framing what is to come NEXT...

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Summer 2010

2010 Summer residents Neet and Brian Moran present works and the Owl Cave Book Store in conjunction with the 667Shotwell video archive.


NOV/DEC 2009

A collaboration between HALLWAY PROJECTS and 667SHOTWELL. Together Hallway Projects (Arthur) and 667 Shotwell (Allan) investigate the domestic nature of each venue through new works within each other's space and in the neighborhood between each residence to create a series of collaborative works in varying media.


Lucas Murgida: Muster Retrodiction

May 1 - 30 2009
The first recorded usage of the word “herd” refers to a person who controls or musters animals. Soon after “herd” also began to describe the group of animals that is being controlled. Originally, English speakers made no distinction between the group being controlled and the person that controls them.

Positive Tax

+ (positive) taxation = Taxation with Art Representation 667 Shotwell with Kal Spelletich

Opening Reception: Sunday November 9, 2008

Following the 2008 Presidential Election, 667 is hosting a Stone Soup Meal and Positive Taxation.


10 Year Itch: Opening Reception: Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Collection of S.F. Undergrounds Music Inspired Creations (1998-2008) Mike Donovan, Eric Landmark, John Dwyer, T.I.T.S., Bronze,




SF TOKYO: Tomoko Iwata, Keisuke Kondo, Takuro Kotaka, Akinorri Matsuba, and Yoshinori Niwa

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 9, 8-11 PM

A group show featuring artists from Tokyo making work in San Francisco and artists from San Francisco making work in Tokyo for the Tokyo-San Francisco Arts Festival. Videos, Drawings, American Japanese American Mexican Tacos + Live performances by + Live Music


667 Nomad (Bard College): Crispin Webb, Desi Santiago, Josh Hart, Matt Morgan, & Mike

Opening Reception: Saturday July 10 2006

This is the first of many offsite 667 Shotwell Projects - 667 Nomad. The 667 Shotwell floorplan is drawn from memory on the floor/ground with chalk.The table is placed in where it is in the kitchen.Chairs and Couch are placed where they are in the 667 Shotwell House.


Martin Durazo: Affirmation Juice

Opening Reception: Saturday March 19, 2005

Affirmation Juice is an interactive installation of refreshing drinks, various displays of objects and literature that give meaning to one's life and predicaments. Yoga masters can establish and diagnose problems with a person's living habits by reading fecal matter. Astrologers attribute personality quirks to a date of birth and physcho-analists read into past experiences to find meaning in current emotional states. Affirmation Juice will be part snake oil, part refreshment, all fun and ecouragement to be happier with life. Your are good. There is nothing wrong with you, and I'm not perfect- and that's ok.


Meg Duguid: HA

Opening Reception: Saturday April 16, 2005

HA is a multimedia melding of projects all based on Meg's relationship to slapstick humor.


Marisa Olson: Overture

Opening Reception: Saturday February 16, 2005

An Exhibition full of humor, fantasy, and the work of one frustrated musician. This Fall, Olson gained worldwide attention while training to audition for American Idol—all of which is documented at Despite the fact that her audition never aired, Olson’s still reveling in her own Idolatry.


Jerome Waag: MElt the Pot

Opening Reception: Saturday January 1, 2005

On January 1, 2005 taste the flavor of democracy. To bring in the New Year, cook/artist Jerome Waag will introduce VESPUCCINI, a new pasta named after the famed Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci, after whom America would be named. All present will participate in preparation and cooking, creating an original recipe for a truly civic dish. Each step of the process will be decided by the people and written into the Recipe/Constitution. The media will be present to document this experiment in democracy. Good for the constitution! Cooked by the People for the People!


Lee Walton: Red & Blue

Opening Reception: Sunday November 23, 2004

Need a refresher from the recent Election Gloom? At 667Shotwell we have the show for you 3 weeks to the day, Lee Walton is back in town with 3 new works.


Inviting in the Left Out: Linda Swanson, Peter Cordova w/ Alison Pebworth, Robert Shetterly, Rural Research Labs, Ryan Singel, Sean Garrison, Tyler Drosdeck

Opening Reception: Saturday October 23, 2004

Inviting in the Left out will include a series of works by the people to address what is left out of the discussion for the Presidential and local elections.


While you were away: Mail Art Show & Instant Coffee

Opening Reception: Monday September 13, 2004

While you were away: Mail Art Show"- Letters and artworks sent to 667Shotwell over the summer. All the work will be documented and hung in a show at 667Shotwell in September.

STENCIL CUT OUT PARTY & Video Screening an INSTANT COFFEE After Hours Event.


It Can Change: There Has Just Been A Break In Time

Opening Reception: Saturday April 24, 2004

Since 1999 we've been getting over, grinding, working construction, chopping vegetables and bumming through Guadalajara, NY, Detroit, Paris, Miami, LA, Portland, Germany, Amsterdam, Vancouver making art shows, magazines, rapping, releasing records, distributing creativity, taking back the streets block by block, being Hammer and Throck.


667Shotwell's 109th Anniversary

Opening Reception: Saturday November 2, 2003

Mark Shunney, Kathryn Williamson, Jim Drain, Pat Rock, Alison Pebworth, Brian Storts, Mads Lynnerup, Tom Texas Holmes, Margaret Tedesco, Freiderike Hamann, Matt Volla, Daniel Bozhkov, Jo-ey Tang, Ben Peterson, James Bewley, Jennifer Gonzalez, Chris Buckingham.


Matt Volla: Habitatology

Opening Reception: Saturday June 2, 2003

Habitatology - the situaesthetics (mechanics of the aesthetics of a situation) of a domestic enviroment. The show will feature video and sound compositions based on the the habitat (that includes 667shotwell and 2312 Telegraph).


James Bewley: The Gilly G Farewell Party

Opening Reception: Saturday May 24, 2003

Please be our guest as James Bewley and 667 Shotwell invite you to bid farewell to an entertainment pioneer. For over 40 years, the name Gilly G. has been synonymous with thoughtful children's programming. Enjoy cake, exclusive footage of Gilly's final episode, and an appearance by Gilly G. Formal attire requested.


Mark Shunney: Start ... Finish

Opening Reception: Sunday April 20, 2003

Once my process begins I will present an overall statement about what I have done at 667 Shotwell. I will arrive on Thursday April 17 and work until 4/20 the day the show opens. Everything done during that time will be specific and responsive to the interior, exterior and surrounding neighborhood of 667 Shotwell Street.


667 Hole: Chris Buckingham: I Have A Hole Too

Opening Reception: March 2003

Hole was a call for entries by 667shotwell for a project with the hole in the back living room. Chris Buckingham of Portland, Oregon was selected to complete his project.


Ben Peterson: Boxes

Opening Reception: Saturday January 10, 2003

Boxes an installation of drawings dissecting the system of building using 667Shotwell as a point of departure. These diagrammatic drawings look at the way buildings are constructed and the way these constructs reference other forms. These forms include "Slouch," as a representation of gravity or weight on a structure. The paper is a place to both build something and look at the way it is built.


Amy Rathbone: Changing Feelings

Opening Reception: Saturday November 4, 2002

Changing Feelings an installation of drawings and sculptures involving inanimate household appliances and far corners of the house. The drawings create intimate worlds and point to the function and personality of these appliances and corners; as the sculptural installations find inconsistencies in the walls, floor, and ceiling emphasizing the character of these spaces blurring distinctions between the intentional and unintentional.


Jo-ey Tang: September Sensitivity

Opening Reception: Saturday November 4, 2002

SEPTEMBER SENSITIVITY Jo-ey Tang and Chris Sollars first met at Copy Central in San Francisco in 1999. These two hopeful romantics who occasionally cry in front of other people as well as in their art, will meet again to use crying as a point of departure. Come see Jo-ey and Chris relish in the crying game of 667Shotwell: a constellation of sensitive gestures through photos, drawings, videos, sounds, and ephemera. Tissue provided.


Daniel Bozhkov: Learn How To Fly Over A Very Large Larry

Opening Reception: Saturday September 19, 2002

Started during August when Daniel Bozhkov, with the help of fellow artist Kathryn Chan, made a 300-by-250-foot crop sign of Larry King on a hayfield in Madison, Maine. Daniel then took flying lessons over the crop sign of the Very Large Larry and documented the flight with photos and video from the plane.


Freedom Ice Cream: July 4, 2002
Freedom To Think Disccussion: July 11, 2002

Free Freedom Ice Cream for Displays of Freedom.

The public discussion focused on the effects of the patriot act on civil liberties, art production and art institutions. Topics of conversation included unrestricted access to public library reading records by the FBI, new mandatory drug testing for high school students, the social role of the artist, and the question of aesthetics as politics.


Tom Texas Holmes: Man-Handle Gamble

Opening Reception: Saturday June 11, 2002

Bathing for luck, betting on the big money, and sleeping on the winnings to get over.


Friederike Hamann: Yellow Bird

Opening Reception: Saturday May 18, 2002

Yellow Bird is an 8 minute video panorama with 3 knit hats to be worn while viewing. Yellow Bird combines video and drawing to create a panorama of the travels of yellow bird as it goes .... round and round .... the 360 degree migration of the Yellow Bird. The three stitched yellow bird viewing hats bring a seasonal twist on the coming of summer in San Francisco.


Alison Pebworth: Are You A Contender?

Opening Reception: Saturday April 27, 2002

The contenders arrive promptly at 7pm and are lead into the kitchen where a Clarifying Elixir is served and the purpose of their gathering explained. They are told that a series of clues are set up around the house that will lead them on a journey. The first to make it through the complete course will be awarded the pendant, the legacy of which will be theirs to accept or decline.


Kathryn Williamson: Futon Wrestle

Opening Reception: Saturday April 27, 2002

Fed up with back aches from lumpy futons?
Tired of being knocked around by unruly ones?
Sick of lugging heavy futons up the stairs?
Now its Pay Back Time!


Margaret Tedesco: the organization of sadness

Opening Reception: Saturday February 16, 2002

What is the organization of sadness ? A 10-hour work day (alone) in the kitchen at 667Shotwell cleaning and preparing a meal for 15 invited guests


Brian Storts (with Pat Rock as Santa):
Hallmark Holiday: HO HO HO

Opening Reception: Saturday December 10, 2001

Santa Clausicus Intoxicatidium: In other words, the study of human beings and their interactions and behavior when introduced to a very drunk and pathological Santa Claus.


Pat Rock: Nagging Ego

Opening Reception: November 2001

My Grandmother Dorothy used to give me all sorts of wild animals that she had captured in her garden for pets. But the best of them all was Tom the Turkey.


Jim Drain: Mirror Piece (Plath)

Opening Reception: October 2001

For the 667 launch party and opening show in September, Jim Drain sent a fax to be pinned up on the wall behind the shower in the bathroom as a precursor to his installation piece in October. Both pieces in their own way deal with impossibilities.


Mads Lynnerup: Three in One

Opening Reception: September 2001

Three in One was the first performance installation done to kick off the project series at 667 Mads Lynnerup had performed three pieces over the past year; a levitating shirt, a hole poked in his pocket dropping out the contents on the floor, and glueing the seat of his pants to the wall and escaping by cutting off his pants. This is the first time all three of these indidvidual actions were done together as one. For the launch party September 7th video documentation of Three in One played while Mads' shirt hung off the ceiling, with the 667 house keys taped to the wall and his cut pants glued to the wall.