667Shotwell is a project space in the home of Chris Sollars for artists to do experimental work, started in 2001 during the wake of disappearing San Francisco art-spaces. Projects is an ongoing series of exhibitions in which artists execute installations and actions in the 667 Shotwell house. In 2007, 667 Shotwell was awarded an Alternative Exposure Grant from SOEX.
Gallery hours upon request: For more info contact: Director/ Curator: Chris Sollars p. 415-821-1295

Positive Tax

An Abridged Visual Mapping of A Place of My Own within the Context of 667 Shotwell
Kelly Lynn Jones
November 2 - December 8, 2012

Chris Sollars invited Jones to come into his and Alison Pebworth's home/studios/ art space to survey their personal world and history through their things. Jones looks into the reciprocity of object and person that occupy the home and what relationship can evolve with ones' collection. Jones creates a connection with them through re-making selected objects and installs them throughout their personal space.