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Owl Cave Books
Brian Moran & 667SHOTWELL
Summer 2010

opening reception: July 31 6-8 PM

667Shotwell is pleased to announce an exhibition/ sale and introduction to it's summer residents: Owl Cave and artist Brian Moran.

Owl Cave is an independent online and traveling bookstore and blog started in London by Neet Moran and recently relocated to the Bay Area.

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Owl Cave    
Positive Tax
Positive Tax
Owl Cave Books

Owl Cave will be selling a selection of artist books including books by Chris Sollars and new titles by The Everday Press, the latest issue of The Coelacanth Journal (hopefully!) as well as our usual selection of vintage art and theory books.
Positive Tax
Positive Tax
Brian Moran
Blue Acid City 2008
Brian Moran and Elliot Dodd

Images: Elliot Dodd, Jeff Lieberman, Brian Moran
Text: Neil Badmington, William S Burroughs, Kirsten Campbell, Elliot Dodd, Jeff Lieberman, Wim Mertens, Brian Moran, Antonio Negri, Sylvia Plath, Plato.
Sound: Laura Cerri, Dobie Simpson, Elliot Dodd, Jessica Dega, Jennifer Jordan, Heidi Maas, Andrew Moran, Brian Moran, Chelsea Heimbuch-Skaley, Marco Vega

Blue Acid City is interpolated from Jeff Liberman’s 1977 film Blue Sunshine, a thriller about a fictional batch of LSD that after a ten-year delay afflicts users with intense flashbacks, driving them to psychotic and murderous episodes.
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clockwise: Mads Lynnerup; Chris behind Couch, 2009 (still);Daniel Bozhkov; Jerome Waag MElt the Pot.
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Positive Tax
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Owl Cave, Brian Moran, 667Archive

Chris Sollars& Brian Moran with Neet Moran
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Owl Cave is an independent online and traveling bookstore and blog started in London by Neet Moran and recently relocated to the Bay Area. In Spring of 2009 Owl Cave launched this blog devoted to selling a mix of new, vintage, and self published books, magazines, DVD's CDs and more. Purchases can be made securely with PayPal.
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Brian Moran born in Los Angeles a London based artist relocating to the Bay Area.
Selected Exhibitions include:

2010 Mexico City, Zinger Presents, Amsterdam;
2010 David Burton, Ruth Ewan, Brian Moran, Rob Tuffnell at Sutton Lane, London
2008 La Nuit des 1001 videos, Analix Forever, Geneva
2008 July Screenings, Herald St, London; Come To The Edge, Ivy Brown Gallery, New York
2007 Horror Vacui, Herald St, London,
2004 Pilot:1, Limehouse Town Hall


2004 MachoMan: Animal and God, Whitechapel Project Space & Mini City Centre
Watch more of Brian's videos here:


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Making Space
NYFA Current the magazine for artists by Emily Warner

Redefining the narrow concept of suitable exhibition space, artist-run projects are booming right now, with work being shown in apartment halls and bathrooms, in buildings in transition, and in artists' studios across the country. Emily Warner reports on new projects in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, and speaks to the key players in these renegade initiatives.