PROJECTS 2003: Matt Volla


hab numb


June 2003

The Habitatology - the situaesthetics (mechanics of the aesthetics of a situation) of a domestic enviroment. The show will feature video and sound compositions based on the the habitat (that includes 667shotwell and 2312 Telegraph).

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Matt Volla is an Oakland based artist who is currently working towards a MFA degree in Electronic Music at Mills College. Previous series of works include Knotology the calculation of knotted tape measure for musical compositions, and Bartology a series of mapped drawings of movements on public transporation translated to music. Group Shows include Connections curated by Chris Sollars at the Balazo Gallery in San Francisco May 2003, WYSIWYG curated by SF CameraWork at the Oakland Art Gallery, Sept 2002 and an upcoming show at the Detroit and an upcoming show at the Detroit Contemporary in Detroit, MI 2004. Solo shows include Pourology at Ego Park in Oakland, CA September 2002, and Knotology at Bing Gallery Oakland, CA 2000. See more of his work at: