PROJECTS 2003: Mark Shunney




April 17 - 20, 2003

In reaction to the present state of the world and more specifically the media, I am not going to release any form of a press release. I have become sickened by the spin of words and the detached assessment of things from afar. Once my process begins I will present an overall statement about what I have done at 667 Shotwell. I will arrive on Thursday April 17 and work until 4/20 the day the show opens. Everything done during that time will be specific and responsive to the interior, exterior and surrounding neighborhood of 667 Shotwell Street. The title of the show is Start...Finish - Mark Shunney

lemon pivk

Wednesday April 23, 2003

As I write this as an introduction (start) to the installation, it really is a conclusion (finish) to the four days I responded to 667 Shotwell the building and its surrounding neighborhood. The body of work responds to a limit of time and a determination to link action with object.

drive love

The installation leans heavily on the use of photography as documentation of Shotwell's street and surrounding areas. It also is used as a vehicle in documenting some of the actions I performed throughout the time. The objects used in the installation either directly relate to a photograph or stand alone, as a relic of my movements. All of this work responds to the premises of 667 Shotwell- one of questioning the notion of exhibition and the blurring of art and life..


Installation shot from entryway
red light, 667 numbers, photos


667- color of the day

After observing a concentration of auto body shops in the immediate neighborhood, I purchased black house numbers and proceeded to approach each auto body shop with one number and asked them to paint one black number whatever color they were painting a car that day. One auto body shop refused to paint the number black again (the color they were using that day) and told me to pick it up during the next week, once they were painting a "good" color.

lemon pivk

Shotwell Lemon Pick & Shotwell Lemon Tart

A Lemon tart from a Shotwell Lemon Tree was made during the opening. On April 23rd a second lemon tart was made for John Rubin's visiting class from the San Francisco Art Institue.

667 red
40 Bags
Installation shot of hallway

40 bags from shotwell & 17th Street on floor in encased in ziplock bags. Along with photo of bags before collected on Sunday April 20, 2003. Photo taken and processed(enlarged) same day as bag were collected.

Installation shot of Bedroom
Me on shotwell with tube
Bicycle and Shotwell Street Barricade
667 red
Shotwell Slide Show
Installation shot of backroom
Original slides shot over the course of April 17 to 20, 2003
Slide viewfinder and strap

green box

A few words to finish on:
No (parking...war...smoking...soliciting...)



drive love
shotwell & 21st Tree
This tree contains a hole which a hand (big or small) can insert past the wrist. On this local corner drug deals are made and the purchase is received by picking it up in the hole of the tree and stashing it here if police come.

Gap Between 663 & 667




Mark Shunney received his Bachelors degree in Fine Arts-Sculpture from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and his Masters of Fine Arts in Sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design. He recently completed a solo exhibition at Florence Lynch Gallery, New York City. His work has been included in many group exhibitions including Transparent Architecture curated by Anne Ellegood in New York, Mint at Brooklyn Front, New York and Inaugural Show at Location One, New York. He is the founder of Brooklyn Front, a space that was located in D.U.M.B.O., Brooklyn from June 2001 until September 2002. Through the operation of Brooklyn Front, he has programmed eight shows and curated several others, all of which focused on contemporary art by emerging artists. These shows continue to challenge the viewer by redefining the state of art and architecture.