PROJECTS 2002: Margaret Tedesco



the organization of sadness

February 16, 2008

"I am loitering with intent"
--this line was taken from a book I own
and I can't remember which one?

What is the organization of sadness ?
a 10-hour work day [ alone ] in the kitchen at 667Shotwell
cleaning and preparing a meal for 15 invited guests

1. unmake


3. make

______________________Friday night : shop for ingredients

Italian bread, sweet butter, lemons, pumpkin squash, red and yellow fresh tomatoes-6 lbs, fresh basil, bay, white potatoes-8 lbs, eggs, herbs provence, whole pepper pecorino cheese, salt, endive, pepper, balsamic vinegar, eggplant, crushed red chili pepper, garlic, leeks, olives, parsley, polenta, zucchini, unbleached white flour, fresh oregano, spinach-7 bunches, lemons, red onions, white onions, sweet cippolino onions, almonds, saffron, ricotta cheese [sec], maple syrup, shallots, French green lentils, tangerine, blood orange, fresh fennel, extra virgin olive oil, filtered water
    pick up three Antonioni films to watch :
L' eclisse, La notte, and L' avventura

Saturday, February 16, 2002
9:30 am
walk to 667Shotwell from 25th Street/Guerrero~with bags of
Mads arrives at 10am to let me in the flat

Clean and organize the kitchen

In passing Andrew asks me "are you finding everything you need?"

The menu
red and white wines
[ eggs in purgatory ] eggs cooked in fresh pear-shaped sweet tomato sauce
pumpkin squash gnocchi w/ butter and saffron
almond, basil, nutmeg, pesto polenta
French green lentils w/ parsley, blood orange, balsamic vinegar, garlic
pressed spinach mounds w/ olive oil, lemon, garlic, pecorino and ricotta cheese
roasted leeks, zucchini, eggplant, fennel; red, yellow, and orange peppers
fresh endive salad w/ shallots, olive oil and tangerine
caramelized red onions
grated whole pepper pecorino cheese
Italian bread

dessert : ices and ice cream

Thank you to Chris Sollars, Mads Lynnerup, Andrew,
and the guests who attended the evening meal.

x MT



Margaret Tedesco is a San Francisco-based performance/installation artist. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. Selected solo/group exhibitions and performance include: San Francisco MOMA, San Francisco Art Institute, Walter & McBean Galleries, New Langton Arts, The Luggage Store Gallery, SF Arts Commission Gallery, SF Camerawork, SF Cinematheque, The LAB, 667Shotwell, Balazo Gallery, Spiral Gallery, LA, Performance Festival Odense, Denmark, and in Paris/Marseille, New York, Italy, and Tabor, Czech Republic. She curated the roving "live art" series called Moving Target 1999-01 and for the past three years she has been co curator of performance at New Langton Arts. See more work by Margaret in the 667 Shotwell Collection.