PROJECTS 2001: Mads Lynnerup

667 Launch Party


Saturday September 7, 2001

Three in One was the first performance installation done to kick off the project series at 667 Mads Lynnerup had performed three pieces over the past year; a levitating shirt, a hole poked in his pocket dropping out the contents on the floor, and glueing the seat of his pants to the wall and escaping by cutting off his pants. This is the first time all three of these indidvidual actions were done together as one. For the launch party September 7th video documentation of Three in One played while Mads' shirt hung off the ceiling, with the 667 house keys taped to the wall and his cut pants glued to the wall.

bronze Projections
Mads Lynnerup is an artist originally from Denmark, now currently living in San Francisco, CA. Recent shows include a collaborative piece with Chris Sollars for a one night event titled We're Waiting - Mads Lynnerup & Chris Sollars which occured at New Langton Arts, Friday, September 21.