Positive Tax


May 1 - 30 2009
Opening May 1 7-10 PM
Event Saturday May 16 8-11 PM

The first recorded usage of the word “herd” refers to a person who controls or musters animals. Soon after “herd” also began to describe the group of animals that is being controlled. Originally, English speakers made no distinction between the group being controlled and the person that controls them.

Building on this idea in his new installation Muster Retrodiction Lucas seeks to impress three things upon the viewer:

1) They are being moved through 667 Shotwell in a particular way.

2) It is the artist that is predicting and controlling their movements.

3) Their movements have a direct physical effect upon the artist that is controlling them.


Opening Night    

Muster yourself to 667 Shotwell on Saturday May 16th from 8-11 PM to experience the installation first hand!

Watch the 667 Lucas Murgida Muster Retrodiction Video here:


Framed C-Prints 16" x 20"
Edition 1 of 3
Price upon request

Clockwise from Top left :
9/10 2008
Burdens 2002
Egress 2007
Sniff 2007

Lucas Murgida's performances and interventions are generally regarded as generous, challenging, difficult to look at, and at the same time, impossible to ignore. Muster yourself to 667 Shotwell to navigate his new installation and experience the past and future predictions of both the artist and audience. To learn more about Lucas and his work please visit:
Watch the 667 Lucas Murgida Video here:
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