PROJECTS 2004: Mail Art & Instant Coffee


10 Year Itch

While you were away: Mail Art Show
Letters and artworks sent to 667Shotwell over the summer.


STENCIL CUT OUT PARTY & Video Screening an INSTANT COFFEE After Hours Event
***Sponsored by SOEX and 667Shotwell**

September 13, 2004 10:00 PM - 1:00 AM -

Hello All.
A reminder of the upcoming 667Shotwell September show ALL MAIL ART SUBMISSIONS SHOULD BE AT 667SHOTWELL BY AUGUST 31 !!!


Hello All.

All the work will be documented and hung in a show at 667Shotwell in September. Participants will be posted on the email invite and on the 667Shotwell September website. Mail art may include writings, letters, drawings, videos, photos, objects, fold-outs,...etc, as long as it has been conveyed through the mail and addressed to 667 Shotwell.

Thanks and please forward to others.
Chris Sollars of 667Shotwell

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Artists Include:


Ali Dadgar
Alison Pebworth
Amra Brooks
Andy Estep
Ben Riesman
C. sitja Rubio
Chris Bors
Colin Sullivan-Stevens
Diane Lavoie
Donna Sproull
Friederike Hamann
Gregory Daniel Laynor
Jennifer Gonzalez
Jennilie Brewster
Jerome Waag
Jim Drain
John Graham w/ The El Fornio Historical Society
Jos Pollard & Friends (Akane Matsuo, Brad Harms,
Eamon Ore-Giron, Heath Johnson, Kate Zidar
& Micki, Kent Henricksen, Mitch Miller, Todd Rose, Nathan Osgood)
Josh Hart
John Held
Josh Levine
Jokie X Wilson
Karlos Carcamo
Kendra Larson
Ketta Ioannidou
Lindsay Gravette
Luc Fierens w/ Jim Leftwich
Lucy Pullen
Martha Beck
Margaret Tedesco
Mark Shunney
Meridith Pingree
Nami Dunham
Pam Martin
Patricia Diart
Patrick Thomas of Rural Research Laboratories
Randy Colosky
Reed Altemus & M.Vanci Stirnemann
Rochelle Durst
Scott Macleod
Simon Phillips w/ Fuckwolf
Steve Lambert
Tina Heringer
Tedd Pomaski
Terry Tierney
The Center of Attention
Tommy Becker
Tyler Drosdeck
Walter Cianciusi
Will Lamson
Yoshinori Niwa



INSTANT COFFEE is a service oriented artist collective based in Toronto and Vancouver. Instant Coffee developed, in part, as a response to the division and exaggerated difference between studio and exhibition practice. Through formal installations and event based activities, it builds a public place to practice, where ideas, materials and actions can be explored outside of the isolated studio and in a manner that renegotiates traditional exhibition structures, but is still supported by them.