Projects 2003: HOLE  
hole complete

Christopher Buckingham:
"I have a Hole to"

sponsored by Philip Ross

Hole was call for entries by 667shotwell for a project with the hole in the back living room. Chris Buckingham of Portland, Oregon was selected to complete his project.

hole out deck
Call to Entries - Deadline October 30th 2002  

At 667 Shotwell there is a hole in the wall of my blue living room. The hole is a result of a dryer vent that used to go through the hole. The vent and dryer have since been removed, and the residents of 667shotwell do their laundry at a local Laundromat. The hole is 4" in diameter, 12"inches off the floor, has blue paint around it and a plastic cover on the outside. Inside the blue living room are a slop sink, bike rack, couch, chairs, and our outhouse that contains the only toilet in the house.

What are you going to do to or with our hole? I am accepting a call of entries/proposals for this hole. This can be anything. The best proposals will be posted on the web-site and acquired into the 667shotwell collection. One entry will be invited to do their proposal, to have its own page under projects on, and an email invite announcing the completion of the piece. For the winner who is able to make it to SF for the installation this will also include a reception, a meal, and a possible place to stay if needed.

This is open to everyone. Adults and Children, Women and Men, and all the people of the world.

The members / residents of 667shotwell will jury the exhibition, and the finalists will be posted on to be voted on by viewers.

Guidelines: none but the jurors will have to live with it and suffer the repercussions of anything too drastic, so you may take this into consideration.

Send the entry form along with any other supporting materials such as photos and drawings, No resumes or bios. SASE if needed to be returned.

Send proposals to -


C Sollars 667shotwell St. San Francisco, CA 94110
If you do not receive confirmation of your entry within a week please re-send via email.Any questions please feel free to contact Chris at


Christopher Buckingham has created a portrait of his mother, Judy. He didn't use paint, camera or any of the usual ways to do it. Instead, he turned to her collection of coffee cups. Judy Buckingham, you'll learn, received the mugs as gifts or picked them up as souvenirs during her travels. Now 92 of them are arranged like prized objets d'art along a white shelf in the gallery at Powell's City of Books. The project took a year for the artist to complete. First, Buckingham recorded conversations he had with his mom as she unpacked the coffee cups during a move. Next, he transcribed the exchanges word for word onto white tags and attached them to the mugs. Some of the memories the mugs triggered provide vivid glimpses into Judy Buckingham's life, such as the long story of the first time she got drunk with college friends during a trip to Chicago. Others are short. "A boss gave this one to me for Secretary's Day," reads the tag on a dull brown mug she seems to have little affection for.