Saturday September 19, 2002

"Learn How to Fly Over a Very Large Larry" started during August when Daniel Bozhkov, with the help of fellow artist Kathryn Chan, made a 300-by-250-foot crop sign of Larry King on a hayfield in Madison, Maine. Daniel then took flying lessons over the crop sign of the Very Large Larry and documented the flight with photos and video from the plane.

"Learn How to Fly Over Very Large Larry" was released into the media and was covered by local and national news, including the Associated Press wire, ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN as it reached Larry King himself. Larry King made a symbolis jesture of giving his suspenders to the actor Mathew Perry, and said how humbled he was by the crop sign with his likeness.

The movie "Signs", where Mel Gibson plays a farmer, coping with mysterious crop circles, topped the box office againover the long Labor Day weekend, on its way to $200 million.


Daniel invited the plant expert, and local 911 emergency-operator Grace Jaqua to identify the plant species growing on the site of Very Large Larry. The suspenders are covered mostly with timothy and milkweed, while at the tip of Larry King's head there is plenty of common thistle, golden rod and vetch.
667Shotwell hosted another '"Learn How to Fly Over a Very Large Larry"', BAKING PARTY ON SEPTEMBER 19, 2002. Visitors were invited to make cookies using a LARRY KING COOKIE-CUTTER made by Daniel Bozhkov. Larry King cookies were baked in a medium-high oven and tasted, accompanied with mineral water and various other drinks (milk, Beer, etc).

Daniel Bozhkov is a New York based artist and is a current particpant at the PS1 Contemporary Art Center. Recent shows include "Listening to New Voices" at the PS1 Contemporary Art Center and a solo show at Parlour Projects, "Sour Milk."