Projects 2008: + (Positive) TAXATION  
Positive Tax

667 + (Positive) TAXATION = Taxation with Art Representation
667 Shotwell with Kal Spelletich

Faced with growing concern for economic depression and failed representation, 667 invites you to gather for a playful re-evaluation of our tax system. On Sun Nov 9, following the 2008 Presidential election, 667 is hosting a Stone Soup Meal & Positive Taxation.

With the fable of stone soup as the model, participants are invited to bring one ingredient for a communal meal. Throughout the cooking process those present will have a conversation about the positive aspects of taxation. Stone Soup is a lesson in cooperation and its social benefits: one ingredient shared = many flavors for all. Counter to all the negative connotations associated with taxes, participants are invited to think about the positive connotations and create a positive tax with direct representation. Following the dinner and discussion, the group will collect taxes and vote on how they would like to see it manifested in a social event on a future date. Participants may consider alternate contributions in lieu of monetary taxes such as applicable art or labor donations. All People contributing a tax will be invited back to see, engage, and enjoy the results of their taxation.

667 also screened a series of WPA videos during the exhibition.

Stone Soup Night    
artists at work Artists at Work: a film on the New Deal Art Projects
New Deal Films
Produced & Directed by Mary Lance

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt took office in 1933 during the Great Depression, nearly 10,000 artists were out of work. Over the next decade, a series of programs known as the New Deal Art Projects was developed. Under the WPA and other programs, thousands of artists were able to earn a living while devoting themselves full-time to their art.

An in-depth survey of the federal programs for support of visual artists during the depression. Several artists recount experiences with WPA's art project and other programs. Shows works of art created during the New Deal era and discusses the destruction and loss of many works of art produced then.

SF Public Library Link
wpa art musuems spokaneart

FDR Fireside Chats:
These clips deal with the New Deal. They include six of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Fireside Chats on the economic policy for fighting the Great Depression. All clips are somewhat edited partial Universal Newsreels. In these recordings Roosevelt reads shortened versions of the speeches. The full texts can be found here:

weworkagain WPA FILMS: We Work Again:
How the New Deal benefits African Americans.