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REVIEW by Zachary Royer Scholz

In light of cooperative creation’s many pitfalls, the success of “Arthur Allan,” is surprisingly refreshing. Developed collaboratively by Brion Nuda Rosch and Chris Sollars, the show not only combines their respective art practices and residential art spaces—Hallway Projects and 667 Shotwell—but also embraces the neighborhood and objects situated between their two homes...

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Making Space by Emily Warner

NYFA Current the magazine for artists

New York Foundation for the Arts: Redefining the narrow concept of suitable exhibition space, artist-run projects are booming right now, with work being shown in apartment halls and bathrooms, in buildings in transition, and in artists' studios across the country. Emily Warner reports on new projects in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, and speaks to the key players in these renegade initiatives.

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Home Galleries; San Francisco Ed. #3 w/ Tania Ketenjian; WPS1 Radio, Jan 10-17 2005 LISTEN

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