Come Walk With Me: Objects



J.C. Apparition Peace Blotter 2004

Perforated blotter paper


Come Walk With Me- Poster 2004

2 color silkscreened poster 14" x 20"
Based on the Sf Human Be In.

 free clothes

FREE Clothes Pile: During a time in which everything in SOHO is now a designer boutique, Free Clothes takes back which is rightfully ours. Donated by the people for the people. During the night people brought more and more clothes adding to the pile, as people tried them on and walked away with new wardrobes. The clothes are still here, is the NYC spring chill still there come layer up.


Free Digger Bread:

Whole Wheat Bread Baked in Coffee cans


Gods Eye 2004

10' x 10'


Neon Peace Sign 2004


J.C. Vagabound Suitcase: SF to NYC 2004