Interventions, Performances, and Artist-led Public Projects performed or directed by Chris Sollars to subvert private and public situations.


Beard Jetty
Spiral Jetty, Great Salt Lake
March 2017

Jetty formed from Beard shaved at the Spiral Jetty.


Bay Cycle 2016
Collaboration with Nolan Jankowski

Collaboration with Nolan Jankowski riding the entire shore of the
San Francisco Bay and producing a series of works.


Tree & Turf
Collaboration with Lee Lavy

Tree and Turf traverse from the bottom of dried up Lake Oroville Resevoir across the Dam to Oroville the nearest town.


Heavy Breathing 2016 #6 "State of Drought" with Chris Sollars
Berkeley Art Museum

During the final Heavy Breathing event of 2016 Chris Sollars leads us through a series of motions to physically internalize living in a state of drought in 21st century California. PDF BOOKLET.


Disrupt: Open Engagement
Collaboration with Kate Pruitt, Elizabeth Bennett, & Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo @OMCA

A talk on historical disruption tactics from art and protest to Bay Area tech companies, that gets disrupted throughout the presentation unbeknownst to the audience.


Heavy Breathing 2016 #6 "State of Drought" with Chris Sollars
Oakland Museum CA - Jan 30, 2016 - Swimmer Streakers: Ethan Caflisch, Haegen Crosby, Matt Shapiro, Tim Kopra

Swimmers in speedos Streak thru the Oakland Museum of California galleries, leading a crowd from the lower level to upper level showcasing Chris Sollars' The Swimmer.


February 2015

Cutting off my beard with a utility knife and plastering it in the wall.


Clothes Contact: Wheeled Conveyance Ghost Sign
August 2015

Former Clothes Contact By The Pound store sign from 16th and Valencia is rebuilt into wheeled conveyance and returned to its former residence.


Water Shed
San Francisco Summer 2014

is a series of performances that lead viewers to water thru the physical properties within the city of San Francisco that both comprise and compromise the watershed. Watershed is composed of: Creek Walks (Lead to Water) and Water Shed (On the Water).


Islais Creek 4 Man Walk
San Francisco May 10, 2014

Creek Walks (Lead to Water): 1 City Block Length of Rope carried along and over both the existing and hidden creek paths of San Francisco from Spring to Bay following the path of least resistance. The Watershed Crew wearing orange Life vests walk each creek before the group walk. Islais Creek Walk (5 miles)


Islais Creek Walk
San Francisco June 1, 2014

5 mile Islais Creek walk from Glen Park Canyon to Islais Creek Channel with a city block length of rope and 40 people.


Islais Creek Water Shed Camp & Row
San Francisco May 31 - June 1, 2014

Overnight Camping and Fishing on Islais Creek May 31- June 1, 2014.


Mission Creek 5 Man Walk
San Francisco June 7, 2014

Watershed Crew preliminary 4 mile Mission Creek walk from 18th and Market St. to Mission Bay with a city block length of rope.


Mission Creek Walk
San Francisco June 21, 2014

Mission Creek Walk (4 miles) from McLaren Park to Candlestick Point (Yosemite Slough) with a city block length of rope and 40 people.


Yosemite Creek 4 Man Walk
San Francisco June 14, 2014

Yosemite Creek Walk (2.8 miles) from McLaren Park to Candlestick Point (Yosemite Slough) with a city block length of rope.


Yosemite Creek Walk
San Francisco June 28, 2014

Yosemite Creek Walk (2.8 miles) from McLaren Park to Candlestick Point (Yosemite Slough) with a city block length of rope and 45 people.


Yosemite Creek Water Shed Camp & Row
San Francisco June 27 -28, 2014

Overnight Camp and Fishing on Yosemite Creek June 27 - 28, 2014.


Spit Shine
San Francisco October 1, 2014
Collaboration with Gregorio Figueroa & Ash Higginson

Three person crew cleaning a curb with spit and toothbrushes in the Financial District of San Francisco next to the Pacific Stock Exchange.


Bag v1
San Francisco October 2014

1 bag / 1 person performance on the street.


San Francisco Spring 2013

Walk of entire San Francisco coastline from Candlestick Point to Ocean Beach drawing a line with found driftwood Rudder.


The Swimmer
San Francisco 2013

Sollars revisits John Cheever's short story The Swimmer, traversing his way across San Francisco from Bay to Ocean via a network of pools and fountains in a Speedo.


Islais Creek

Refurbished 86'd Kayak paddled from Islais Creek homeless camp to Larry Ellison's Yacht docked at the mouth of San Francisco Bay to tag his boat with the # 86, during the 2013 America's Cup.


Drum & Stairs
June 2, 2013 1:30 AM

Chris Sollars on Stairs featuring Mads Lynnerup on Drums
Chris provides live video feed of the stairs for drummer Mads. Performance for SFMOMA Future Countdown Live, developed around the removal of the stairs. WATCH on Vimeo


Lemon Song: Andreas Slominski remake
do it (outside)
Socrates Sculpture Park & Independent Curators International

Sunday May 13, 2013

Instruction - Andreas Slominski: Tip a bicycle seat so that the front points upwards and use the seat to squeeze lemons.

WATCH on Vimeo


Coffee & Donuts

Utilizing this former Mission Police Station as a set, Sollars will activate the former station through actions, sculpture, and taste and make the inaccessible areas of the home visible through video.



Coffee made with water gathered from around the station will be served with Bulleit Bourbon after the San Francisco film Bullitt.
with performer Larisa Minerva)



Homemade Donuts made in the kitchen in collaboratioin with chef Suzanne Drexhage. Donuts are served after a confession is taken by Donut Enforcer Fred Kolouch.


Pacific Puddle Pedal

Pacific Puddle Pedal 2011-2012 documents a jarred street puddle pedaled to and exchanged with Pacific Ocean water to make a salt water puddle on the street.


the Missing Pig


version 1.
Cook Bacon, do not serve.

version 2.
Cook Bacon, do not serve, hide in front of live camera feed and transmit bacon image sporadically.

Positive Tax

Whiskey Waxing Competition 2012
Comstock Saloon
November 28, 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Whiskey Waxing Beard & Mustache Competition. Whiskey Waxing is a San Francisco Bay Area competition celebrating local hairy talent on the old Barbary Coast. Contestants judged on their form & ability to sip whiskey or tea.

Positive Tax

Digger Bread Bakery
OPENrestaurant @ Berkeley Art Museum
August 27, 2011

Artist Chris Sollars , Steve Sullivan from Acme Bakery and James Whitehead from Fist of Flour bake Digger bread in cans while David Simpson and Jane Lapiner recount stories from their experience as Diggers.


Pile of Trash
San Diego
July 15 2011

The Trash walks through downtown San Diego.


July 2011

Shaving my beard with a razor sharp axe amongst the redwoods. Based on a shaving performance from 1998.


Whiskey Waxing
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
July 30, 2011

Get your Beard Mustache waxed into Sculpture while sipping whiskey drinks served by Comstock Saloon with Rag Time by Will Billy. A Twist of the Stache to San Francisco's Past

Positive Tax

Whiskey Waxing Competition 2011
Comstock Saloon
August 15, 2011

Welcome to the 2011 Whiskey Waxing Beard & Mustache Competition. Whiskey Waxing is a San Francisco Bay Area competition celebrating local hairy talent on the old Barbary Coast. Contestants judged on their form & ability to sip whiskey or tea.


2929 A Double Take
A New Museum
Jan 1-10 2010

2929 is an exhibition using A NEW MUSEUM's address as a double take. Left Window: Motorcycle helmet with super man sticker smashed through glass window.


Ribbons in UKIAH
June 2010

I was buried up to my neck for 3.5 hours next to a buried pig. Once the pig was finished cooking and unearthed by artist and Chez Panisse chef Jerome Waag I came out of the ground.


Behind, Beside, Inside

Hallway Projects

Hallway Projects for ARTHUR ALLAN at 667Shotwell performances by Allan at Arthur's, Re-Projection of Arthur's Living space at Allan's.






Time in a Bottle


Tiger Wack

Chinatown Los Angeles, CA
In collaboration with Kottie Paloma and Archie Mckay

kimono news

Kimono News
Tokyo Japan

With help from Charlie Canfield, Yoshinori Niwa, and others.


Bansai Beard
Tokyo Japan


Follow the Leader
Yerba Buena Museum

In collaboration with Alison Pebworth, Henrik Lebuhn, Jerome Waag, Mark Shunney, and Megan Saperstein


Detourned Menu: Flavor of Democracy

In collaboration with Jerome Waag.
curated by Brianna Toth
October 20, 2006 - November 11, 2006
The Lab, San Francisco, CA



In collaboration with Charlie Canfield, Jos Pollard, Takuro Kotaka, Yoshinori Niwa
San Francisco, CA


Sidewalk News SF

Reading the news and spreading out on the sidewalk in collaboration with Charlie Canfield, Jos Pollard, Takuro Kotaka, and Yoshinori Niwa
San Francisco, CA



In collaboration with Takuro Kotaka, Yoshinori Niwa, and others.


Pile of Trash

Downtown San Francisco, CA September 2005


Pile of Trash LA

Los Angeles, CA


Melt the Pot - Jerome Waag @ 667Shotwell

On January 1, 2005 taste the flavor of democracy. All present will participate in preparation and cooking, creating an original recipe for a truly civic dish. Each step of the process will be decided by the people and written into the Recipe/Constitution. The media will be present to document this experiment in democracy. Good for the constitution! Cooked by the People for the People!


Beard Sculpt

Beard Sculpt took place at the end of the summer Bard MFA 1st year show. The all male first year sculpture class (Josh Hart, Desi Santiago,Chris Sollars, Crispin Webb, & Mike) decided to all grow beards and at the end of the summer to have Sculpture faculty Taylor Davis and Nayland Blake sculpt them.


Death Valley

Walking alone in the sand dunes of Death Valley shouting protest slogans against the Iraq War through a megaphone with Airforce jets flying overhead.


Hokey Pokey Protest

Los Angeles, CA


Come Walk With Me Tour

In collaboration with J.C. and his tourists.

San Francisco, CA


tom texas

Man-Handle Gamble

w/ Tom Texas Holmes

667Shotwell San Francisco, CA


Pile of Trash

San Francisco, CA


Trippin on e

Balazo Gallery San Francisco, CA


Illustrated Man

New Orleans, LA


Mobile Phone

New Orleans, LA


Phone Tag

San Francisco, CA


We're Waiting w/ Mads Lynnerup

September 2001
New Langton Arts San Francisco, CA




San Francisco, CA


Can Anyone who has a Cell Phone, Please...

San Francisco, CA


Memorial Day

San Francisco, CA


you lose ... try again

San Francisco, CA


Labyrinth at Chartes

Chartes Cathedral, France


Mannequin Pis

Brussels, Belgium


Public Display of Affection

Public Display of Affection for Public Sculptures.
Downtown Providence, RI.



Maine Woods - Skowhegan, ME



I took any HIV test and documented the process. In front of a group at Skowhegan I played the tape, pinned the phone number for the Test results to the wall, and left.


Touching God

Documentation video of touching God in the Sistine Chapel.


Alley Bread

Providence RI


Butt Project

Providence RI


Buying the News

Providence RI


Street Clean

Providence RI



Providence RI