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Object Records

Sculpture sound edition label founded by Chris Sollars of $ollar$,đź’€ture & Egzoz, Audio Violence, 307outlaws, and the art space 667shotwell. Inspired by Sollars' Subscription 1999 - 2000 a 6 issue subscription of art works over 6 months.

Left Behind
Published by Publication Studio 2013

Chris Sollars' new book, LEFT BEHIND, shows us work from his ongoing public sculpture series. Sollars' sculptures, made from discarded objects in the streets of San Francisco, reveal a playful sensibility. Included in LEFT BEHIND is an interview conducted by Jennifer González of the University of California, Santa Cruz and the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, New York. Chris Sollars is an artist based in San Francisco and received a 2013 Guggenheim Fellowship. SOLD OUT


An experimental documentary feature that illustrates the complications of division during the 2004 Presidential election as it is manifested in one family. Director Chris Sollars, an artist living and working in San Francisco sets out to try and bridge the political gaps in his own family between a younger sister who works for the Bush Administration, a Born Again Christian father, and Lesbian mother. 79 min Watch C RED BLUE J on VIMEO!

$20 a DVD

J.C. Apparition Peace Poster 2004

2 color silkscreened poster 14" x 20" edition of 50
Based on the Sf Human Be In.
In plastic sleeve with light foam core sheet to back it.

$30 (8 posters left)
J.C. Apparition Peace Blotter 2004

Perforated blotter paper.
7.5" x 7.5"

$30 per sheet
J.C. Apparition Peace Blotter 2004

Perforated blotter paper.
7.5" x 7.5"

$30 per sheet
Patches include:
Chris Sollars' J.C. People's FLAG ($OLD OUT),
& Alison Pebworth's RSST Insignia (available).


Open edition T-shirts designed by 667 Artists.
T's available in Men's and Womens Sizes.
Bjorn Again, Come Walk With Me BE IN,
667 neighbour of the Beast, and TSTGA.
Limited Sizes